Ways to Add Colour into Your Home

Adding a little colour into a room can really help refresh and brighten up a space. Here are some ideas of how to bring some of the beautiful hues we see outside at springtime, into your home without having to repaint!

  • Soft Furnishings: One of the simplest ways to bring colour into a room with minimal investment is by adding colourful soft furnishings. Throws, cushions, rugs can all have an immediate impact on your living area. And why not play with textures as well - soft, ruffles, velvets. Pri Pri’s range of patchwork cushions include both colour and texture!
  • Decorative Accessories: Sometimes a decorative bowl or vase can be a lovely feature piece for a room or shelf. You could even upcycle one you’ve already got by repainting or respraying it! Chalk finish spray paint adds a lovely matt effect to something that might have been in your home for years (or to a vintage find on eBay or a charity shop). And pieces like our upcycled Pri Pri wreaths are not just for a front door but can be used indoors for the non festive season as well!
    • Artwork: Colourful artwork or photographs can be a great way to add a splash of colour against a neutral wall. Some of these beautiful prints by neerscreenprints use traditional Indian woodblocks to hang as art. This one is appropriately titled ‘Bring me sunshine’!
    • Tableware: Not yet in the Pri Pri product range, but this is something we are working on. Get in touch if you’d like to see some sari inspired tableware. These beautiful block printed upcycled saris by Noctiluna make for beautiful table runners!
      • Bunting: Colourful bunting is a fun way to brighten up a nursery, and with Pri Pri bunting, you can always add a personalised touch.
      • Accent Shelves: Wall shelves can be used to give some space to colourful objects such as photo frames, or even books. A colour coded bookshelf is a clever way to bring some visual interest to the room (if you have enough books!) 
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