Black Friday and Colour Friday

Black Friday and Colour Friday

Black Friday is a relatively recent addition to the retail calendar and one started by the bigger businesses. I remember sitting at my desk a few years ago with Amazon and Apple discounting some tech products, and then everyone quickly matching their prices. By the next year, retailers were a bit more clued up and had negotiated discounts with their suppliers.

Now what's wrong with a sale?
I, like many consumers, love a bargain, but the danger of a 'deal' is that we don't always ask ourselves if we do really need the item in question. If something on my shopping list happens to be at a lower price, I'll buy it. Many businesses, small and big, have sales to try and shift stock so they can offer new ranges. The issue occurs when discounts are obtained through
 cost reductions in advance of the big day, by squeezing the entire supply chain, or alternatively purposefully inflating prices before the big day. 

Something small independents can't and don't want to do. 

Colour Friday is a campaign by the Small Business Cheerleaders Holly and Co, to reshape this date in the retail calendar and encourage people to shop small! They have also created this super advert to showcase the creativity, colour and community behind some amazing independent brands. Can you spot me?!

So let's highlight all these independent businesses who are offering a HUGE variety of thoughtful, beautiful gifts, who want to do retail ethically and with purpose, and who would very much appreciate your custom!!

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